About Second Opinion

I started writing about football injuries a few years ago at Footballguys.com. What began as a rare post on our message board or opinion added to a Footballguys breaking news blast grew into a regular in-season column titled Second Opinion.

In my Footballguys column, I combine my experience as a doctor, team physician and football writer to help fans understand injuries and how they might affect a player’s future and his team’s depth chart. I’ll be doing the same with this blog, with more frequent, year-round posts. I’m also hoping to do some educational posts and interviews as the blog grows.

I am a pediatrician with emergency department, urgent care and primary care experience. I also assist a certified athletic trainer and provide sideline coverage as a team physician for a high school football team. I regularly see sports-related injuries and concussions, evaluate x-rays, diagnose and make treatment plans, refer to specialists and talk to players and their families. I have performed many of the same exams you see NFL teams doing on the field and sideline and often observe and evaluate our players for concussion during games.

In addition to Second Opinion, I write a regular column at Footballguys on defensive football (Reading the Defense) and provide injury commentary on The Audible: Live on Thursday nights (also available for download on iTunes). I also contribute to Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog and the NY Times Fifth Down Blog.

And I’m extremely lucky to have a fantastic wife and two grade-school age boys who indulge my writing obsession. I can’t thank them enough for their encouragement and support.

Discussion and suggestions are always welcome. You can follow me on Twitter at @JeneBramel or reach me by email at bramel at footballguys dot com.

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