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  • Navigating the NFL Injury Report: Muscle Strains

    Strain vs Sprain Though commonly used terms, strain and sprain are often used confusingly or interchangeably in the media. While seemingly small distinctions, it’s important to define the differences in terms and clarify one important common misconception about them. A… Read More ›

  • Navigating the NFL Injury Report: Introduction

    Former offensive lineman Jamaal Jackson once said, “Your first day in the league is the last day you’ll ever be 100% healthy.” No muscle, ligament, joint, tendon or organ is safe. Sooner or later, every NFL player will end up… Read More ›

  • Welcome to Second Opinion

    I started writing about football injuries a few years ago at What began as a rare post on our message board or opinion added to a Footballguys breaking news blast grew into a regular in-season column titled Second Opinion. In my… Read More ›