Injury Updates

Trent Richardson and Dr. Andrews (continued)

As I hit the publish button on the last post, Chris Mortenson of ESPN tweeted the following: Trent Richardson’s visit to Dr. Andrews includes tentatively scheduled arthroscopic surgery to clean up loose particle of cartilage. Richardson’s surgery would be considered… Read More ›

Beanie Wells: Microfracture?

When asked about his late January knee surgery yesterday, Beanie Wells told reporters that it was “just a scope,” then suggested it was “a little more complicated” than meniscus surgery. When asked specifically about microfracture surgery, Wells reportedly smiled but… Read More ›

Welcome to Second Opinion

I started writing about football injuries a few years ago at What began as a rare post on our message board or opinion added to a Footballguys breaking news blast grew into a regular in-season column titled Second Opinion. In my… Read More ›