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Days of Our Football Lives: A Robert Griffin III Soap Opera Begins

Last season, there were two primetime injury soap operas competing for our attention. From Peyton Manning’s grainy, Zapruder-like workouts at Duke to monthly updates on which teammate Adrian Peterson was besting in hill sprints, the media relentlessly bird-dogged the rehabilitation… Read More ›

Monday Injury Debriefing

Most of the critical injuries this week were to offensive linemen, with Andrew Whitworth (concussion), Harvey Dahl (torn biceps muscle), Chris Snee (aggravation of torn labrum in his hip), Will Montgomery (MCL sprain), Tyler Polumbus (concussion), and Jonathan Scott (hamstring)… Read More ›

Monday Injury Debriefing

Robert Griffin III avoided serious injury after a dramatic hyperextension injury yesterday. The wording of the Redskins’ press release – a clear MRI with a knee sprain – caused some confusion initially, as the MRI technically couldn’t have been “clear” and… Read More ›